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During this past week, we saw the intersection of two observances that remind us of the reality that ours is a world divided, and the need to constantly pray for unity in our communities, our country, and our world. Last Monday, we observed the Martin Luther King holiday, and spent some time reflecting on the tragedy of racial division in our country, the difference that one man can make in the face of such injustice, and looking forward in hope that one day we may achieve his dream of a country where all are united in their equal dignity. At the same time, this weekend concludes the week of prayer for Christian unity. It also is a time to reflect on how divided our world is between different religious groups and the tragedies that so often result because of said divisions and the misunderstandings that result. We are acutely aware of these tensions in the past days, weeks, and months as we have watched racial tensions erupt in Ferguson, Missouri and religious tensions erupt in Paris, France.

As Christians, we are a people of hope, and we should dare to dream that we can make a difference in making the world a more united place, even when all we can do is pray. We commemorate the hope of Martin Luther King had, and bring that hope into the week of prayer for Christian unity… that we would always work, pray, and seek the virtues in our own lives to ensure that all we do leads toward unity and not division. As Christians, we have a helper in this task, the Holy Spirit, who as one of the Eucharistic Prayers states: “takes away everything that estranges us from one another.” Let us use this opportunity to pray for unity and an end to all that divides. Please join me in praying this prayer this weekend and often in the days to come:

Heavenly Father, we come to you, the Font of Life, to ask that you fill your Church with Living Water to quench our thirst on the quest for Unity among Christians and among all your creatures. Let our hearts be filled with the gift of your Son’s love for us. May we find in your Church the living and abiding presence of your love and work together to bring about the desire of you Son, who prayed “that all may be one.” May the Spirit never lay dormant within us, but may it sustain us on the path to unity. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.   

Father Jason

(Prayer Source: Graymoor Institute,

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