Message from Father Jason Stone
August 24, 2014
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This weekend at the Saturday evening Mass, Bishop Daniel Conlon will install me as the eighth pastor of Mary Queen of Heaven Parish. Having this ceremony now may seem like an afterthought, considering that I have been working as pastor for two months. The rite does not imply that the role of pastor begins at the installation as when one installs a new light bulb, which begins to shine light suddenly on the last twist.

Instead, the rite of installation beautifully presents in a public liturgical way what has been going on since my appointment… the introductions that happen at the beginning of a relationship. The installation rite is a series of introductions. The rite begins with the bishop commending me to you, the people of Mary Queen of Heaven, as your pastor. After the homily, he will then present to me the deacons and staff, who will “assist [me] in the pastoral care of the people of this parish.” Then he will present to me the parish council, and remind me to be attentive to the needs they express, because they are the voice of the people of the parish. In the final part of the rite, the bishop will encourage me to be “a loving father, a gentle shepherd, and a wise teacher of [the] people”, so that I may lead them to Christ. I will then lead the parish in reciting the creed followed by my promise to the bishop and to the people of this parish that I will be faithful to the teaching of the Church in everything I do as your pastor.

It will be quite the introduction. And, it will be quite the challenge and charge for me to live up to the responsibility of this role of pastor to which I am being installed. I am confident that it was the Holy Spirit that called me to this new role, and that the Spirit has been working to prepare me for installation for quite some time. I know that with the Spirit’s gifts and your prayers, the introductions made at the installation will result in the fruitful growth of our relationships with each other and with God.

Thank you for your prayers and
know of my prayers for you.

Father Jason

Communion Service on Wednesdays
Starting August 1, weekday Masses will be offered on
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 
Wednesday morning will be a Communion Service.
The Time will remain 8:30 a.m.
Father Jason's Installation Mass

Father Jason's Installation Mass will take place on
August 23, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.
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