Message from Father Jason Stone
October 26, 2014
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A little over a year ago at the annual meeting of priests of the Diocese of Joliet, we were informed that as of 2014, we will no longer have enough priests to staff the parishes of the diocese. In addition, given the current number of retirements vs. the number of ordinations, it is expected that the number of priests will continue to dwindle for at least the next decade. It is this reality that has sparked a diocese-wide effort to begin exploring ways that our parishes can work together to better provide for the needs of Catholics given the fact that the number of priests is decreasing not just in the Diocese of Joliet, but throughout the Country.

In order to get Catholics thinking about this problem and to encourage young men to consider answering the call and need for priests, all of the parishes in the diocese are kicking off a campaign called “Who Will Fill These Shoes?” which is inspired by the following story:

Father Victor Ivers was celebrating Mass one Sunday in 2007 at St. Joseph Parish in Libertyville.  It was his final Mass before retiring after more than 60 years as a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago.  The church was packed because Father Ivers was well-loved.  Something odd happened as Father Ivers was processing out of Mass.  A strange look came across his face.  He stopped about halfway down the center aisle and returned to the altar.  He bent over, took off his shoes, laid his shoes at the foot of the altar, turned to the assembly and asked the stunned congregation a very simple question, "Who will fill these shoes?"  He then walked out of the church - in his socks!

It really is a simple question, "Who will fill these shoes?" More importantly, it's a shocking image: the image of empty shoes, a priest's shoes, laying there by the altar.  It is a sharp reminder to all of us that without priests, there will be no Eucharist.

Fr. Ivers inspired the Archdiocese of Chicago to begin an initiative in 2013 called "Who Will Fill These Shoes?" The Diocese of Joliet will follow the same pattern implemented by the Archdiocese of Chicago.  The Joliet Diocese is inviting young men ages 16-40, and their parish priests, to the Cathedral of St. Raymond in Joliet on November 28th from 11a.m. - 3 p.m.  The day will include Mass, talks from priests and seminarians, lunch and time to answer any questions about the priesthood.
Please consider inviting anyone you know who could be called to be a priest to this event. More information can be found at 
<>. Whether you know someone or not, please pray for the success of this event and for more men to answer the call to “fill these shoes.”
The awesome thing about being a priest is that it is not just another priest’s shoes we are filling, but every priest responds to the call to fill the shoes of Jesus himself as he administers the sacraments for the Church instituted by Jesus himself.

Father Jason

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