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ELMHURST - Just as the young artist Michelangelo looked at a solid block of marble and envisioned the figure of David, faithful must be artisans of peace and envision peace, according to retired Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit, Mich., who spoke prior to a Lenten reconciliation service April 3 at Mary Queen of Heaven Church in Elmhurst.

Bishop Gumbleton, who recently retired as auxiliary bishop of Detroit, is an internationally known peacemaker who serves with the United Nations' World Conference on Religion and Peace and is founder of Pax Christi USA, the national Catholic peace organization.

"As artisans of peace we need a vision, a dream of how peace can happen and then work on making it happen," Bishop Gumbleton told the approximately 200 people who gathered to hear him speak and receive the sacrament of reconciliation during Holy Week. "If we talk about peace, we always have to talk about injustice and the only way to instill peace is to build it on a pillar of love and a pillar of justice."

Peace, according to Bishop Gumbleton, is a topic discussed by people around the world, many of whom he quoted during his talk. He said Pope John Paul II spoke in Spain only weeks before his death, telling the people that what he wanted more than anything was world peace. The pope also stressed his beliefs in an encyclical letter in 1991 following the end of the Persian Gulf war urging, "Never again war! We have to say no to war." This was a cry he repeated from Pope Paul VI who, when speaking to the United Nations in 1965, pleaded and cried out, "No to war! Never again war!"

Pope John Paul II presented three compelling reasons why wars should cease.

"First, war destroys the lives of innocent people," Bishop Gumbleton told the congregation. "Modern warfare is total war. Today war is about destroying a whole nation. I have been to Iraq nine times. Every family in Iraq has lost a family member or had some family member injured.

"Second, war throws upheaval into the lives of those who do the killing, and third, war always leaves behind a trail of hatred and resentment and makes it more difficult to resolve the problems that began the war."

He went on to say that today's wars can wipe out everything in the blink of an eye.

He told the story of how international author Arundhati Roy of India described the terrifying realization she made when she found out her country had created an atomic bomb, something she called "evil." She also said nuclear weapons are anti-national, anti- democratic and anti-human, according to the bishop.

"The nuclear bomb is our way of saying we can destroy everything that God has made," Bishop Gumbleton asserted. "It took 46,000 million years for the world to develop to where we are and it can all be over in an afternoon. We will destroy everything God has made."

President John F. Kennedy also realized the devastation of nuclear war, the bishop recalled. When he learned of the capabilities of the United States nuclear arsenal he was overwhelmed.

"We call ourselves human and yet we would do this," Bishop Gumbleton quoted President Kennedy speaking about annihilating another country. "If we don't end war, war will end us."

Bishop Gumbleton quoted John Kavanaugh, a columnist for America, a national Catholic weekly magazine, who wrote of the millions of Iraqi refugees: "the hopeless ache, stifled cry and festering hatred of almost every Iraqi and the possibility that suicidal retaliation will reach far into the future. The whole Middle East can go up in an explosive of violence."

The retired bishop, who remains active as a voice for peace, shared advice from Pope John Paul II: "Respond to violence and hatred with the fascinating power of love and be artisans of peace," the pope told a group of youth in 2004. Pope Benedict XVI is following the same direction of Pope John Paul II, according to Bishop Gumbleton.

"We need to say 'No' to war, but that isn't enough," the bishop continued. "We need to say 'Yes' to Jesus. We need to allow ourselves to be dramatically changed so that we see and hear Jesus. We must begin to be converted to the way of Jesus deeply in our hearts and open ourselves to Jesus.

"We need to be converted to the way of Jesus, trying to watch as Jesus responds to hatred and violence. Remember when Peter denied Jesus? He was disrespecting Jesus and Jesus looked into Peter's eyes and gave him a look of love and forgiveness. In the garden when he was betrayed with a kiss, Jesus embraces Judas and forgives and loves him. We can become real peacemakers by using love to overcome terror and violence."

Reprinted with permission from The Catholic Explorer Newspaper for the Diocese of Joliet

A Vocation View

	On this World Day of Prayer for Vocations, pray for 
yourself.  Pray to know if God is calling YOU to be a priest, 
deacon, sister or bother.  Pray!

Parish News

PRESCHOOL Director/Teacher

	We believe you are out there!  We are looking for a pre-
school director/teacher who will help us build a premiere 
preschool for the western suburbs. This preschool is a ministry 
of Mary Queen of Heaven Parish, a lively, welcoming, family-
oriented Catholic community in Elmhurst. Our director must be a 
practicing Roman Catholic in good standing. This position is for 
a part-time director and part-time teacher. 

	Requirements for candidates applying for this position are:
*	Baccalaureate degree with 04 (IL) early childhood teacher 
*	Master's degree in early childhood or related field 
*	2-3 years' teaching experience.
*	Familiarity with Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence 
*	Enthusiasm for curriculum and program development and 
*	Commitment to working collaboratively with staff members 
and parents within a church community setting.

	Enrollment has already begun for our play-based preschool, 
which will have a multiple intelligence curriculum following 
Howard Gardner's guidelines.  Please send your resume' to: Search 
Committee, Mary Queen of Heaven, 426 N. West Avenue, Elmhurst, IL 
60126.  Interviews will be conducted in April and early May, 
start date in July.  Come enjoy a very pleasant working 
environment with wonderful parish staff, and have the opportunity 
to create new things!

MQH  Preschool Registration

	Mary Queen of Heaven Preschool registration continues!  Please 
see our website at and contact the parish 
office for more information and registration.  
	Preschool tours scheduled on request.

If you have any questions or need more information, please call 
Mary Ann Woods at the REO, 832-8962.

Confirmation Candidate Parents:  

	Please note that Confirmation will be celebrated in the 
parish on Saturday, May 12, at 5 p.m.

Religious Education News
	Registrations for the 2007-2008 RE year have been mailed. 
If you did not receive yours or if you know someone who would 
like one, please call the REO. We ask that you return your 
registration forms ASAP in order to secure your first choice of 
	Reminder to Parents of First Communicants: If your child is 
celebrating with the large group on May 5, there is still time to 
place your order for a video of the Liturgy. Please turn your 
forms in to the RE office.
	Are you being called to be a catechist?  We only have a 
short time left of this RE year, so if you have always wondered 
what goes on in the building after you drop your children off, 
this is the perfect time to stop by and say hi. Remember you 
don't have to be a theologian; you just have to love children, 
love your faith and want to share it. We are looking forward to 
hearing from you.
Mark your calendar:

Sunday, April 29  - Family Mass at 10:30 a.m. & Small 			
	Group First Communion
Tuesday, May 8 - Confirmation Practice at 6:30 p.m. to 		
	8:30 a.m. in church
Wednesday, May 9 - Catechist Appreciation Dinner at 			
	7:00 p.m. in Barrett Hall

Christian Education Commission

Prayer  Requests
To pray for our sick is an important privilege of our parish 
family.  We hope that you will pray for these persons every day.

	Natalie Baker				Pam Bondfide
	Pat Caffarelli				Rose Caffarelli
	Kathy Calzante				Cosmore Ciancio
	Dennis Ciancio				Geroge Cibula
	Paul Cirone				Ida Corriedo
	Cynthia Catalano Family			Deacon Bob Delbeke
	Trudi Dolato				Baby Dobrowolski
	Virginia Feret				Kathy Filipiak
	Cecilia Garstki				Mary Goggins
	Mary Hagerty				Anna Heffel
	Jen Huwalt				Tom Huwalt
	Michelle Humann				Maureen James
	Kathy Johnston				Irene Kmieciak
	Bernadette Kohn				Anne Kostas
	John Larkin				Baby Emma Lynde
	Marie Mangano				Robert Manion
	Dennis McCabe				Mary Piszczor
	Raymond Mitchell			Fred Moss
	Mary Sabel Oye				Geri Pstrzoch
	Baby Faith Reid				Robert Restivo
	Vera Rossiano				Agnes Sabel
	Patricia Sabel				Joaquina Scroppo
	Jess Smith				Mary Spierowski
	Rachael Thompson			John Unger

Community News

Day of Prayer on the San Damiano Cross
With Fr. Benet Fonck. OFM

Thursday, May 3,   9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
At The Warrenville Cenacle

	A Franciscan Friar, Fr. Fonck is the coordinator of 
communications for Sacred Heart Province of the Order of Friars 
Minor (Franciscans).  In this capacity he writes a weekly 
newsletter, prepares news releases and publishes a quarterly 
journal.  He has given retreats, workshops and seminars for 
Secular Franciscans and for Franciscan religious.  He has also 
presented days of recollection to various church-based groups and 
has facilitated a number of parish missions and renewals.  The 
offering for this program is $50 and includes lunch.  For further 
information or to register, please call 630-393-1231

2 0 0 7

"Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least 
brothers of mine, you did for me."		
	Mt 25:40

	This is Pledge Weekend for the 2007 Catholic Ministries 
Annual Appeal.  Your support helps the Diocese of Joliet provide 
schools, social services, and spiritual sustenance to people of 
all faiths.  Please give prayerful thought to your gift and be as 
generous as you feel able.

Diocesan News

Catholic Charities is in need of 
new born/infant clothing, diapers, and newborn 
"care packages"

	Last year, Children's Services of Catholic Charities, 
provided loving care for 398 children in foster care, many of 
whom needed long-term, specialized therapy to heal from the abuse 
and neglect they have suffered.  Our maternity services helped 
mothers with keeping and raising or finding an adoptive home for 
15 of their infants.

	In order to continue providing these services Catholic 
Charities needs your help.  One way you can help is by conducting 
clothing drives or "baby Showers" for new clothes and 
newborn/infant "care packages" (wipes, lotion, powder, shampoo, 
bibs, pacifiers, grooming sets, medical kits, newborn 
developmental toys, diapers, etc.) for these babies.

	You are in a unique position to dramatically impact the 
first days of a baby's life or a child's first stay in their new 
foster home by helping us replenish our supply of newborn, infant 
and children's clothing for boys and girls sizes 0 to 3T.  Please 
do not donate used clothing, as we cannot use those.  We will 
accept any size clothing and diapers.  For more information, 
please contact Rose Bayr Maritato at 630-495-8008 x 33.

Saint Peregrine Feast Day Mass

	Mass for the feast of St. Peregrine, the cancer saint will 
be celebrated Sunday, May 6 at 2:00 p.m. at the National Shrine 
of St. Peregrine, Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica.  Persons with 
cancer and others seeking healing will be invited to come 
individually for a blessing with a relic of St. Peregrine at the 
conclusion of Mass.

	Our Lady of Sorrows is located in Chicago at 3121 W. 
Jackson Blvd., adjacent to I-290.  There is ample, secure parking 
at the rear of the Basilica.  For more information, call 773-638-
5800, ext. 19.

Elmhurst Catholic M.O.M.S.

	(Moms Offering Moms Support) is a social and spiritual 
organization that provides an opportunity for mothers of young 
children from Elmhurst Catholic parishes to meet other mothers.  
Bi-monthly meetings include one morning mother/child activity and 
an evening activity just for moms.  There are no membership fees 
and everyone is welcome.  M.O.M.S has its meetings in Msgr. 
Plunkett Hall, lower level of the Immaculate Conception chapel, 
from 9:30 to 11:00 a. m., unless otherwise noted.

	Elmhurst Catholic MOMS celebrates Motherhood on Thursday, 
May 3. Come and enjoy a party thrown in your honor! It's EC MOMS 
Mother's Day Party! Crafts and treats for your little ones, but 
also something special for the moms. You deserve it! 

Next Bible Study - Psalms
Our next study will be Psalms.   These psalms are the same songs 
of faith that we use every Mass in the "Responsorial" portion of 
the Mass. Learn how our Hebrew ancestors in faith used these 
prayers.  Sign up will be next weekend, May 5-6 and the following 
weekend, May 12-13.
	We will begin the week of May 21, 2007 and conclude the 
week of July 9, 2007, skipping the week of July 4.  More 
information will be coming after Easter but if you have any 
questions or would like to volunteer to be a facilitator, please 
call one of the committee people; Lynn Suwanski at 630-530-2523 
or Alex and Marie Grozik at 630-530-0503.

CCW Mother's Day Tribute

	The CCW Respect Life Committee is selling carnations this 
weekend and next weekend to honor  the nurturing women in our 
lives (mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, etc.).  The 
carnations will be placed at Mary's statue in the Gathering Area 
on Mother's Day, May 13.  Also, the names of all those being 
honored will be published in our parish bulletin on May 12/13.

	Order forms are available in the church vestibule and must 
be returned no later than Sunday, May 6.    Proceeds for the sale 
will benefit Project Gabriel.

    Eucharistic Adoration
      Monday, May 7, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
       The Worship Commission would like to thank all who have been 
able to come and spend some time with Our Lord during our days of 
adoration, usually the first Monday of the month.  This month we 
reach our two-year anniversary since beginning this devotion.  For 
those who haven't had the opportunity, if there's anything you 
need to thank or praise God for, to express sorrow for, or to ask 
for, know that He waits for you to come and spend some time with 
Him present in the monstrance at our Day of Eucharistic 
Adoration.   The day of adoration and prayer closes with 
Benediction at 7:00 p.m.  All are invited to join us any time 
during the day as well as for Benediction.  We are in need of 
people to sign up for an hour of adoration.  Please see the large 
sign-up poster in the back of church.
       The Worship Commission  

Parish News

Help Wanted
	We are in need of someone to schedule the Eucharistic 
Ministers for Masses. It is really quite easy to do! Schedules 
are done three times a year, covering four months at a time. 
	You do not need to be a Eucharistic Minister to volunteer. 
If you are interested or have any questions, please call Karen 
Vicary at 279-4108 or Mary Foley.

Bishop urges faithful to be 'artisans of 
Bishop Gumbleton at Mary Queen of Heaven
By Kim Lovejoy-Voss

Thank You!   Thank You!   Thank You!
	Our 50th Anniversary Year closed last Sunday with a 
beautiful liturgy celebrated by Bishop Roger Kaffer and a 
reception in Barrett Hall where the Raffle Winning Tickets were 
pulled.  The Raffle Winners are:
	First Prize Winner - $10,000	Moira Murray
	Second Prize Winner - $2000	Paul Letourneau
	Third Prize Winner - $1000  	Laurie Burny
	Congratulations!  Thank you to everyone who supported the 
Raffle.  A total of 200 tickets were sold.  Therefore, the gross 
proceeds from the Raffle are $20,000 less $13,000 paid out in 
prizes, leaving a net profit of $7000 which will be used to lower 
the parish deficit.  A special thank you to those who sold 
tickets and who helped make our closing reception so great, 
especially those who donated food and set-up and cleaned up.
	Also, I would like to acknowledge the wonderful support and 
help of those on the Committee who gave of their time and talent 
this past year:  Dick & Mary Ann Reed, Ellen Walker, Mary White, 
Phylis Twardowski, Vi Sabel, Floria DiVito, Rose McVitti, Mary 
Nanak, Karen Vicary and Cheryl DiSantis.  Blessing and Thank You 
to each of you!					Sheila Reiter

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