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Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church
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Elmhurst, Illinois 60126-2171
Parish Office: 630/279-5700
Fax: 630/279-4667

This weekend, our 8th graders celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation. As part of their preparation, the students write a letter to me, explaining why they want to be Confirmed. I thought I would share with you excerpts of some of the letters I received this year.

Congratulations to our 8th graders! May God bless you at Confirmation and all the days of your lives! Your lives and testimony are a blessing for us!

I'm really ready to be confirmed because I want to be closer to God. When I get older I will be able to get married in church. I think Confirmation means a lot to me because I'm one of God's children. When I get Confirmed my parent will be proud of me.

This is my first year at MQH. I really enjoy the church and my CCD class. I want to be confirmed because I want to be more active in church. I feel I'm old enough to make my own choices, like when to go to church and what to participate in...My relationship with God will be complete, but I understand that I will have to continue working at that relationship by praying and going to church...I have started praying more this year, and it truly has helped me. I know I will keep praying.

I want to be confirmed because I want to show I am proud of what I have done. I want to also show I have learned more about my religion. I am happy and stunned that I made it this far. I want to show people I can stick to what I do. Being in CCD...I learned more about God and Jesus. I would also like to thank you for having such a good clean school with such nice teachers. It also taught me saying hi can make a person's day. Just doing something little can change into something big like planting flowers for someone. It also taught me how much Jesus had to go through to spread our religion. Now I can say I've become more mature in my religion and take responsible actions to my future.

I am requesting to be confirmed. I want to be confirmed because I would like to be an adult in the church. I want to continue to be close to God, and want to be able to turn to God when I need advice or guidance. I want to raise my children to be Catholic when I am married. I really think I am ready to be confirmed and I am looking forward to a happy life with God.

I have really enjoyed Religious Education this past year....Being confirmed is very important to me. It was my decision and choice. I chose that I wanted to be confirmed because that would allow me to be a step closer to God. Also, in the eyes of the church you have become an adult which means the church has more faith in you to come to church and be the best person and most holy person you can be...I believe there are some responsibilities a confirmed Catholic Christian has. The confirmed should go to church every week, be the best person they can be, help others, and maintain the other responsibilities any other Catholic Christian has. Those responsibilities show you are a good person and believe in God. A confirmed person should try to help others bring up their level of faith and try to get Atheists to slowly come and believe in God as well. A perfect time of trying to do that would be when the person is down or having a bad day and is in need of someone to talk to or hand their problems to. When trying to live up to those responsibilities a person can simply go to church and read the Bible, and just be who they are inside because everyone is good whether you think they are or not.

I am ready to be confirmed. I feel like I know my faith well enough. Also, I believe in it...It would mean a lot to me to be confirmed. I have gone to Mary Queen of Heaven since fifth grade. I like it better than my old church and I would love to be confirmed in this church. After my confirmation I am going to help the community. My religious education isn't going to stop at this. I will go to church even if my parents can't make it...I take this seriously and I plan on taking advantage of my new position in the Catholic community.

I feel that I am ready to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. I am ready to become a full member of the church and to bring the Lord to others through my actions. God has found me and I am looking forward to living the rest of my life with him at my side, always looking out for me. It is a privilege and an honor to be Confirmed this year, and I plan to take full advantage of the opportunity.

I want to be confirmed because I want to become more active in our church. Also to be able to begin to understand God and his reasons for what he does. Also, once I am confirmed, I hope to use the gifts God will give me to be able to give more of myself to serving God and in doing so better myself and all the people around me.

Mary Foley, Pastoral Life Coordinator

Market Day

	Orders for May are due Monday, May 21, at noon.  Turn in 
your order form in the box in the back of church or at the 
rectory.  Pickup on Saturday, May 26, from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. in 
the Social Hall.  

	If you have questions or WISH to place an order, please 
call Maria at 279-2238 or Karen at 279-4108.

Christian Education Commission

Sign up for Psalms I
	Over the next two weekends, you will have an opportunity to 
sign up for our next Bible Study, Psalms I.   
	A committee person will be available at the back of church 
after all the Masses on the weekends of May 5-6 and May 12-13.  
You can purchase the books ($12.00) and select the day you would 
like to attend.  There are 2 evening and 2 daytime meetings.  
	If you cannot sign up at any of these times, please call 
the Parish Office (279-5700).  
	If you need assistance with the fee, please speak with Mary 
Foley.  Come and join us.

Catholic Charities Foster Care Open and 
Growing in Joliet Diocese

	Catholic Charities in the Joliet Diocese is alive and 
growing and will continue to serve 400 or more children in foster 
care.  The agency is also currently looking for new foster 
parents.  If you are interested or want more information,  call 
toll-free 1-877-844-HOPE.  Visit

Prayer  Requests
To pray for our sick is an important privilege of our parish family.  
We hope that you will pray for these persons every day.

	Natalie Baker				Pam Bondfide
	Pat Caffarelli				Rose Caffarelli
	Kathy Calzante				Cosmore Ciancio
	Dennis Ciancio				Geroge Cibula
	Paul Cirone				Ida Corriedo
	Cynthia Catalano Family			Deacon Bob Delbeke
	Trudi Dolato				Baby Dobrowolski
	Virginia Feret				Kathy Filipiak
	Cecilia Garstki				Mary Goggins
	Mary Hagerty				Anna Heffel
	Jen Huwalt				Tom Huwalt
	Michelle Humann				Maureen James
	Richard Jones				Kathy Johnston
	Irene Kmieciak				Bernadette Kohn
	Anne Kostas				John Larkin
	Baby Emma Lynde				Marie Mangano
	Robert Manion				Dennis McCabe
	Mary Piszczor				Raymond Mitchell
	Fred Moss				Mary Sabel Oye
	Mary Sabel Oye				Geri Pstrzoch
	Baby Faith Reid				Robert Restivo
	Vera Rossiano				Agnes Sabel
	Patricia Sabel				Joaquina Scroppo
	Jess Smith				Mary Spierowski
	Rachael Thompson,  John Unger,  Richard Vanni

If you or a family member would like to be included in our prayers, 
please call the rectory at 279-5700.  Also, please let us know when 
a name should be removed.

Catholic Charities 
Fairway to Heaven Golf Invitational

	Mark your calendars and plan to attend Catholic Charities 
Fairway to Heaven Golf Invitational on Friday, May 18, at Ruffled 
Feathers Golf Club in Lemont.  Morning and afternoon shot gun 
starts begin at 7:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  Tickets are $250 each. 
For more information visit or call Sue Kaiser at 
815-723-3405, ext. 139. Catholic Charities hopes to see you on 
the Fairway to Heaven! 

Community News

A Memorial Day Mass 
will be celebrated on 
Monday, May 28, at 9:00 a.m.

In the Assumption Cemetery Chapel Mausoleum
Located at 1S510 Winfield Rd, in Wheaton

L.O.S.S. Support Group
(Loving Outreach to Survivors of Suicide)

	Through the collaboration of Catholic Charities (the 
Diocese of Joliet and the Archdiocese of Chicago), support groups 
are in place for anyone who has lost a relative or friend to 
suicide.  A trained facilitator and a mental health professional 
assist these groups.  The groups meet from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. on 
either the third Wednesday or the fourth Tuesday of the month.  
The next meeting dates are as follows:

		May 16 - St. Paul the Apostle Activity Center
					130 Woodlawn in Joliet
		May 22 -  St. Daniel the Prophet Parish Center
					101 West Loop Drive in Wheaton
	For more information, call 1-800-240-7011.  Also visit 
Catholic Charities website at 


	(Loving Elmhurst Adoptive Families) is a social and 
support group of families living in Elmhurst who have built 
their families through adoption.  The group provides 
families with the opportunity to socialize with other 
families of adoption, help educate parents and children and 
to provide support to one another.  The group holds an 
annual Family Picnic, An Adoption Storytime at the library, 
outings and more.  If you are interested in finding out 
more information, please email or call Tina Schacht at 

	On Wednesday, June 13th LEAF will host a workshop called 
"Talking With Your Children About Adoption."  The program will 
take place at the Elmhurst Public Library and will begin at 7:00 
p.m.  Those interested in attending, please email 

Religious Education 

	A special thank you to all who made our First Communion 
celebrations so wonderful the past two weekends. Thanks to our 
Grade 2 catechists, our music ministers, liturgy planners, 
parents, and most especially, our children. We are all very proud 
of you and hope to see you at the Lord's Table often.	A very 
special thank you to Ruth Maple, the director of our Voices of 
Angels choir. She does a wonderful job with our little "voices" 
and our May 5th large group First Communion celebration was no 
exception. Thank you Ruth for all you do for us.

RE Registrations

	June 1st will be here in a few weeks. If you want to 
register at the discounted fee, get those forms in to the office 
today. FYI - if you have a preschool or kindergarten child you 
would like to see in the program next fall, get your registration 
in today. Those classes fill up quickly and enrollment is limited 
at those grade levels. 

Catechists Needed

	We have had some folks respond to our request for help and 
we thank you. However, we are still in need of catechists at 
various grade levels at various session times. If you are a 
loving, welcoming, accepting, forgiving person of faith, you have 
the most important qualifications for being a catechist. You 
don't have to be a theologian, just someone who can help our 
children understand how the Gospel can be applied to their lives. 
Come share your Faith with the young people of Mary, Queen. Call 
for more info.

If you have any questions or need more information, please call 
Mary Ann Woods at the REO, 832-8962.

2007 Confirmandi			

Congratulations to all those who were confirmed on May 12.

Armengol, Sofia			Arroyo, Stephanie
Barnds, Will			Blaszak, Elizabeth
Bradbury, Laurel 		Cahill, Julia
Calderone, Rebecca 		Caskey, Samantha	
Cicinelli, MaryKate		Connelly, Daniel
Converse, Katie			Dambrogio, Jennifer
DeBoni, Dana			Egert, Jenny
Fela, David			Goelz, Shawn
Guerrero, Daniel		Helm, Matt
Iovinelli, Alyssa		Iverson, Emily 		
Jankovec, Kevin			Kent, Rya
Kachiroubas, Alexander   	Kirk, Sarah
Koczor, Amy                     Kuenstler, Drew
Laskowski, Michelle          	Lewis, Victoria
Lindberg, Jorgie		Loresch, Donny
Loresch, Luke 			MacKenzie, Jon 
Martinez, Gloria 		Martino, Joseph		
Mason, Paul			Medina, Rebecca
Meyer, David			Moll, Annalise
O'Brien, Joseph			Ostojic, Erin
Pulver, Kelsea			Resing, Nate				
Rhea, Jimmy			Rodriguez, Rachel		
Scalise, Lauren			Schelberger, Kenny 	
Scudder, Chris			Sonney, Dale 
Stevens, Alissa 		Thompson, Cole		
Tomlinson, Andrew		Varnas, Adam 
Villareal, Benjamin 		Villegas, Crystal			
Ward, Samantha			Wise, Elizabeth 
Zielinski, Jacob 		Zur, Christine

St. Vincent dePaul Clothing Drive

Weekend of June 2 and 3

	Spring cleaning?? Clear your home of all that extra 
clutter!!  We are having a collection for The Society of St. 
Vincent dePaul.  We're looking for clean gently used clothing, 
shoes, cookware, linens, dishes, toys, books, lamps, etc.  Your 
donations will benefit the needy.  

	St. Vincent dePaul bags will be available in the church 
next weekend.  Please fill these bags, or your own bags and boxes 
with the items you are planning to donate and bring them to 
church the weekend of June 2/3.

	We would appreciate it if you would place your donations in 
the St. Vincent DePaul truck that will be in the Parking Lot.  
The truck will be here from 9:00 a.m. on June 2 to 1:00 p.m. on 
June 3.  Receipts are always available for your donations  If you 
have donations of large items, please call 630-231-4658 to 
schedule a pick up from your home.

Thank you for Helping Us to Help People!

MQH Garden Club News
Spring Planting Time

	Calling all Garden Club Members and parishioners.  Yes, it's 
that time again when we beautify our church grounds for the 
summer.  We will be planting flowers around the parish office, 
south side of Church, in front of school and in the planter in 
front of Mary's Gathering Space on Saturday, May 26, at 9:30 a.m.  
If you can spare an hour or two, bring your gloves and digger and 
we will be delighted find something for you to do!  Meet in front 
of Church.  While experience helps, it's not necessary.  We will 

	If you can help or have any questions, please call Rose 
Wilkes (833-7238) or Sheila Reiter (833-6657).

St. Alexander Parish
Council of Catholic Women
Invites you to come and visit the Missionary Image of Our Lady of 
Guadalupe, May 17-23

Arrival:  May 17, Ascension Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Mass followed by 
Procession to Adoration Chapel, 300 S. Cornell Ave., Villa Park.  
Events:  May 19, 8:30 a.m. Mass followed by Peaceful Presence 
Anchor Health Clinic Roosevelt Rd. in Glen Ellyn.    Evening 
Mass: 5:00 p.m.  May 20th, Sunday Mass 7:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m. and 
11:00 a.m.  Procession to Adoration Chapel following the 11:00 
a.m. Mass.  Special Holy Hours in Chapel throughout the week.

The Vatican Internation Exhibition
Eucharistic Miracles of the World
(126 Church Approved Miracles)

Visitation Parish
(Podesta Hall-Church Basement)
779 South York Road, Elmhurst.

Sunday, June 2, 2007
Noon to 7:00 p.m.

Sunday, June 3, 2007
7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Yoga Classes

Increase your flexibility, strength, & decrease your stress.

Tuesdays, May 15, 22, 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. 
and Wednesday, May 16 at 8:00 p.m.

$4 per class or $6 for families
Call Debbie Styka at 941-7224, email
Recommended for ages 15 to 75
slip yoga mat and  Comfortable clothing

Fellowship Sunday

	Our monthly parish fellowship will be held on Sunday, May 
20, after the 10:30 Mass.  It is being sponsored by the Council 
of Catholic Women.  

	This is an extra special fellowship as we are celebrating 
with Mary Foley who will receive her Doctor of Ministry degree 
from Catholic Theological Union of Chicago on May 17.  Mary will 
bring champagne, sparkling grape juice, and cake to the 
fellowship and all are invited to celebrate with her.  Hope to 
see there.

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