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Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church
426 N. West Avenue
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126-2171
Parish Office: 630/279-5700
Fax: 630/279-4667

I always like this time of year! I know that it is a very busy time for families who have to get everything ready for their children to return to school and get back to different routines. There can be a lot of craziness, too; I only need to think of the parking lot mess the day both Emerson and our Preschool opened on the same day! (Things are better now!) There are also countless others who have spent weeks preparing for children to return. Here at the parish, this includes our Religious Ed staff, as well as all those who have worked preparing for our new Preschool to open.

So, I know there can be some stressful and tiring days during these early September weeks. Even in the midst of this, however, there is excitement and wonder as life becomes new again in many ways. New school supplies, new clothes, new teachers, new activities, new faces in classrooms, new opportunities to grow and learn. For all of us. It might be the kids who are going back to school but this time of new beginnings is good for all of us. Parish activities will get into gear after restful summer months. We all have the chance to start again, to become better people, to enjoy more of life.

Please come out for our parish picnic next Sunday afternoon. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of a new year together with the parish family. Our Men's Group has worked very hard to plan for wonderful food and fun games, for children and adults!

The parish picnic will follow our morning Masses, when we will celebrate Catechetical Sunday. At this beginning- of-the-year event, we recognize, bless, and commission all of those who will be involved in the religious education of children and adults in the parish. This is a good time to express our thanks to the many people who serve the parish in this way.

It is also a good time to be reminded that each one of us has been given gifts by God that are meant to enrich the life of the church. What are the ways we can share our time, talent, and treasure in this new year?

In the coming weeks, there will be opportunities to learn more about the different ministries and activities in the parish for those who want to share their time and talents in new ways. One of my greatest joys is seeing how much more alive the church becomes with the active participation of people who come forward to share their gifts, never knowing how much they make a difference.

During the fall, we will also be talking once again about the importance of sharing our treasure with the church by helping to financially support the parish. In the Mary Queen of Heaven Annual Report that you will receive this week, you will see what a difference people made with their financial support of the parish last year. Not only were we able to finish the fiscal year in the black; your financial support made it possible for all of our parish ministries to further our mission as church, as disciples of Jesus Christ. Your contributions help to provide for the beautiful music and environment we have for our worship of God as a parish family. They fund programs of religious education for children and adults, along with all of the books and materials needed to help this learning take place. They support our wonderful Bible Study programs, which help people to learn more about the Word of God. They help our outreach ministries to the poor and those in need, to the unchurched, the bereaved, our youth, and our married and engaged couples. They provide hospitality for fellow parishioners and visitors alike. They help to pay the bills: so that staff can be paid, so that our buildings can be lighted and heated and cooled and landscaped and insured, so that sidewalks can be shoveled, so that equipment can be maintained, so that we can have all of the supplies we need to operate a church - from candles and baptismal garments to copy paper and postage to the bread and wine that are transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ when we come together to celebrate the Eucharist. You do all of this. Every time you make a financial contribution to the church, you do all of this. At this time of new beginnings, I want to thank you for everything you have done in the past. And I want to invite you to share with me a sense of adventure as we begin this new year together!

Dr. Mary Foley, Pastoral Life Coordinator

A Vocation View
Jesus says clearly; "Anyone who does not take up the cross and 
follow me cannot be my disciple." You and Jesus can carry your 
cross together.  Then, you can follow!

	We are proud to announce that the "JOSEPH" production made 
a profit of $10,898.30 for the parish.  Thanks to all of you who 
supported this major fundraiser.  This would never have happened 
without the support of the entire parish. 
	I would once again like to thank all of our volunteers, our 
singers, all of you who bought tickets and cheered us on from the 
pews, our advertisers, our orchestra patrons, our corporate 
sponsors.   All of us working together is what made this 
fundraiser a success.  
	On behalf of the production's producers...Kathy Mueller and 
Nina Stefani, I thank you for your generosity and unending 
Molly Lindberg, Music Director

Women in the
 New Testament 
Beginning the week of September 24, 2007, the Adult Education 
Ministry of Mary Queen of Heaven will be offering a study of the 
Women in the New Testament through the Little Rock Scripture 
Study.  It will run 8 weeks through the week of November 12, 

You will have the opportunity to sign-up for this series on two 
weekends; September 9-10 and September 15-16.  Representatives 
will be at the back of church with materials you will need.  The 
2 books for the study are $12.00.  Information will also be 
provided to help you choose the day and time that best fits your 
schedule.  Bibles will also be available.  Please speak to Mary 
Foley for any monetary assistance you may need to purchase the 
study material. 

New Yoga Class Schedule 
	Come for one or more classes recommended for ages 15 to 75 
(however, everyone is welcome)
	Increase your flexibility, strength, and decrease your 
stress.  It is about balance, strength, and mobility.
Tuesdays 9 am to 10 am
Aug 28, Sept 11 & 18, Oct. 30, Nov 6, 13, 20 and 27
Wednesdays 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.
October 3rd,  and 17th and 24th
$4 per class ($6 for families)
	Call Debbie Styka at 941-7224 
Please bring a non-slip yoga mat if you have one.
Required:  comfortable clothing, socks that can come off

Market Day
	Orders for September  are due Monday, Sept. 10, at noon.  
Turn in your order form in the box in the back of church or at 
the rectory.  Pickup on Sat., Sept. 15  from 9:30a.m. - 10:30 
a.m. in the Social Hall.  
	If you have questions or would like to place an order, 
please call Maria at 279-2238 or Karen at 279-4108.

Please see our website at and contact 
the school office for more information and registration.              
(630) 833-9500
Preschool classes have begun.  We still have some openings in our 
Tuesday/Thursday class.  
Come join us!
	         Preschool tours scheduled on request.
Special Preschool Blessing at the 10:30a.m. Mass on September 23, 

Teacher Aide Position Available
	Do you enjoy working with children, fostering their growth 
spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally?  We are 
currently accepting resumes for the teacher aide position for our 
Preschool here at MQH.  Please direct resumes to Mrs. Liz Lowrey 
at MQH Preschool 426 N. West Ave. Elmhurst, IL 60126 

	Mark your calendars!  The annual Mary Queen of Heaven 
Parish Picnic will be held on Sunday September 16th from 12:30 
p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
	Come spend time with family and friends.  Enjoy music, 
games, food and good old family fun.  As in past years, you may 
bring your own food or purchase your meal.  The food will be 
supplied by Cuomo Catering and the menu will include Fried 
Chicken, Italian Sausage, Potato Salad, Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad 
and Roasted Corn. Complimentary Desserts and Coffee will be 
provided by the parish and parish families. Tickets will be 
available after all the Masses this weekend.  The donation for an 
Adult Ticket is $9 per person, and $6 for children under 12.  
Pop, Water, Popcorn and Cotton Candy will be available for 
	For more information or to volunteer to help, please call:  
Bob Glick (833-5725), Sheila Reiter (833-6657), Ed Hayes (279-
5325), Mary White (833-9809), Mike Launius (220-6927) or Phyllis 
Twardowski (279-6239).

Wanted: Eucharistic Ministers
	As Mary Queen of Heaven continues to grow, so does our need 
for an increased number of volunteers in the various parish 
ministries.  We would like to add more Eucharistic Ministers to 
accommodate our growth and we ask that you consider becoming one 
of them.  It is truly a privilege and humbling experience.
	The following are requirements to be a Eucharistic 
Minister:  The person must be Catholic and in good standing with 
the Church, and must have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.  
Eucharistic Ministers must be at least 16 years old.  Training 
will be provided at the church on Tuesday, September 25, 2007 at 
7:00 pm.  Please call the parish office at (630) 279-5700 to 
register in advance.

Joliet Catholic Explorer
	Your diocesan paper has it all-good news coverage at home 
and around the world, sharp photos packaged in a  stunning 
design, food for thought in a full page of editorial commentary, 
etc.  What are you waiting for?  Subscribe today call 815-834-
4062 or email camillea@dioceseofjoliet,org.

	The Peace and Justice Committee of Mary Queen of Heaven 
Parish is looking for a few good members to take part in its 
activities. This committee is involved in a major effort to 
provide information to the members of the parish concerning 
Catholic social teaching as it applies to contemporary social, 
economic and international issues facing all of us. The committee 
sponsors speakers on these topics and arranges carefully targeted 
activities to help alleviate unjust and unfair conditions facing 
people today.  New people and new ideas for the committee's 
activities are needed to enable it to realize its potential. 
Meetings are held the 2nd Thurs. of each month in the Conference 
Room off Mary's Gathering Place.  Join us at 7:30p.m.  on Sept. 
13th to take part in an important parish activity.

"So strengthen your drooping hands and your weak knees".  
	Let Worldwide Marriage Encounter strengthen your Marriage.  
The next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend is....Sept. 21-23.  
Contact couple:  Tom and Mary Leonard 630-577-0778.  Website:

Prayer  Requests
To pray for our sick is an important privilege of our parish 
family.  We hope that you will pray for these persons every day.

	Natalie Baker			Joyce Belasiek
	Katherine Brennan		Pam Bondfide
	Pat Caffarelli			Rose Caffarelli
	Kathy Calzante			Cosmore Ciancio
	Dennis Ciancio			Lou Ciancio
	George Cibula			Paul Cirone
	Ida Corriedo			Cynthia Catalano Family
	Rosemary Davis			Deacon Bob Delbeke
	Trudi Dolato			Baby Dobrowolski
	Virginia Feret			Kathy Filipiak			
	Cecilia Garstki			Mary Goggins			
	Mary Hagerty			Anna Heffel			
	Jen Huwalt			Tom Huwalt			
	Michelle Humann			Maureen James			
	Richard Jones			Kathy Johnston			
	Irene Kmieciak			Bernadette Kohn		
	Anne Kostas			John Larkin				
	Baby Emma Lynde			Marie Mangano			
	Robert Manion			Mary Martin			
	Dennis McCabe			Mary Piszczor			
	Raymond Mitchell		Fred Moss				
	Mary Sabel Oye			Geri Pstrzoch			
	Baby Faith Reid			Robert Restivo			
	Vera Rossiano			Agnes Sabel			
	Patricia Sabel			Joaquina Scroppo		
	Linda Barone Simons		Jess Smith	
	Mary Spierowski			Rachael Thompson	
	John Unger			Richard Vanni

	If you or a family member would like to be included in our 
prayers, please call the rectory at 279-5700.  Also, please let 
us know when a name should be removed.

Eucharistic Adoration
	Perhaps you've wondered, "If I come to pray during our 
monthly Eucharistic Adoration, how should I spend the time during 
this one hour with Our Lord?"  Some ideas might include the 
following:  simple, quiet conversation with Jesus; praying the 
rosary, praying the Stations of the Cross; reading scripture 
slowly, thoughtfully, prayerfully; praying devotional prayers; 
journaling (writing down our thoughts, aspirations and prayers); 
prayerfully reading spiritual books or pamphlets.  
	Due to the 1st Monday Labor Day holiday, our next 
opportunity to spend some time with Jesus during Eucharistic 
Adoration will be on Monday, September 10th. The day of adoration 
and prayer begins after 8:30 AM Mass and closes with Benediction 
at 7:00 PM.  All are invited to join us any time during the day, 
as well as for Benediction.  We invite people to sign up for an 
hour of adoration any time during the day.  Please see the large 
sign-up poster in the back of church. 

Religious Education News

God's are needed as a catechist!

Catechist meetings are underway. Unfortunately we are still in 
need of a few catechists. HELP us fill our remaining catechist 
positions.  We pray that we will not have to delay our first 
class session for some children on September 19th because good 
people like yourself  (you know who you are) have not come 
forward.  However, if these slots are not filled that is what we 
will have to do.

Please consider joining our team of dedicated men and women just 
like yourself who weekly share their Faith with the young people 
of the parish. Help our children to get to know our God. 

The following are those grade levels where help is still needed: 
Note that there are some changes in our needs.
Session 1 - 3:15
Grade 3 - 1 lead catechist is needed 

Session 2 - 5:15
Kindergarten - 1 co-catechist is needed
Grade 6  - 2 co-catechists are needed. 
There will be no grade 6 offered at 5:15 unless catechists come 

Session 3- 7:00PM
Grade 6 - 1 co-catechist is needed  

All sessions meet on Wednesdays if you can help, please call the 
REO today. 

Reminder to all RE families and friends. Our annual Family 
Concert to kick off our year is this Wednesday at 6:30PM in 
church. This year, our ecumenical Worship Team returns and  will 
lead us in song. If you have heard them before, you know they are 
wonderful. Children have been seen singing & even dancing in the 
aisles. It is a wonderful way to begin our year. Please bring 
your entire family. Immediately following the concert, you will 
have the opportunity to visit the classrooms and meet your 
children's catechists. We promise to have you on your way home by 

Have you registered yet? 
Registrations are still being taken in the REO for the coming 
year. Call the REO. We will also take registrations at our family 
concert on September 12th.  Remember that we do not process 
registrations the week of September 19th .  So if you want your 
children to start on the first day of class, register by 
September 12th.  Pass the word to your friends and neighbors. 

For more info on any of the above, please call Mary Ann Woods at 
the REO, 832-8962

Beyond the Tap: Upcoming Events for Young Adults
(for men and women in college and in their 20s or 30s, married and single)
Rock the Word: Candlelight Lectio Divina Prayer Experience
(praying with Scripture, candlelight, and conversation)
Thursday, September 13, 2007 - 7:00 p.m.
Loretto Convent, 1600 Somerset Lane, Wheaton
No cost, no rsvp, no registration required.
Questions?  Call Sr. Claire Vandborg at (630) 868-2904
Brew with the Bishop - with Most Rev. J. Peter Sartain, Bishop of 
"Why Are the Sacraments So Important for Young Adult Catholics?"
Tuesday, September 18, 2007 - 7:00 p.m.
Mullen's Bar & Grill, Warrenville Rd. & Naper Blvd., Lisle
Cost: $5.00 at the door, plus the cost of dinner and drinks
RSVP required.  Call Dave Miserendino at (630) 851-3444, x225
* please note this program is ONLY open to those 18 to 39
Sacred Fun: Diocesan Young Adult Weekend Retreat
(focusing on finding God in movies, music, and sports)
Friday to Sunday, September 21 to 23, 2007
Cenacle Retreat House, Batavia & Butterfield Rds., Warrenville
Cost: $160 for double; $175 for singles (by September 14th)
Register by calling (630) 393-1213.
	For details about the Diocesan outreach to men and women in 
college and in their twenties and thirties, contact Paul 
Jarzembowski at (815) 727-6411, ext. 261, or email  For updated details of Young 
Adult Ministry programs, log onto

Reporting Sexual Abuse
	Anyone who has reasonable cause to suspect the sexual abuse 
of a minor by a member of the clergy or other Church personnel is 
urged to report the matter immediately.  To inform the Diocese of 
Joliet, call Sr. Mary Frances Seeley, OSF (Victim Assistance 
Coordinator) at 1-815-263-6467 or write the Diocese of Joliet, 
524 Summit Street, Joliet 60435.  

	Contact DCFS at 1-800-252-2873 or call the office of the 
local County States Attorney.

Immaculate Conception Parish, 134 Arthur Street, Elmhurst, will 
kick-off another year of its peer support ministry for those 
experiencing separation or divorce, on Monday, September 17 at 
7:15p.m.  All are welcome.  For more information please call 

Catholic Charities Hosts L.O.S.S. Support Group
(Loving Outreach to Survivors of Suicide)
	Catholic Charities has support groups in place for anyone 
who has lost a relative or friend to suicide.  A trained 
facilitator and a mental health professional assist these groups.  
These groups meet from 7:00p.m.-9:00p.m. on either the 3rd Wed. 
or 4th Tues. of the month.  For more information, call toll free 

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