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Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church
426 N. West Avenue
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126-2171
Parish Office: 630/279-5700
Fax: 630/279-4667

I missed everyone last weekend. All of my family was in town. We were celebrating my Dad's 75th birthday and my granddaughter Emma Michele's baptism (she is the little angel pictured above!). We celebrated Mass together on Saturday evening after our 5:00 Mass and then I was able to spend time with everyone for a couple of days until they all went home. My Dad had a great time. We had not only family but his classmates from St. Ignatius High School and Loyola University here. Seventy-something people in all! Spending quality time with family is very important. In my biological family, I treasure opportunities these days, since so many live out of state. But near or far, being together with those we love and really taking time to have fun and share stories can be rejuvenating, healing, and can help to make it very clear how much we are blessed.

Today (Thursday is past bulletin deadline, so this is why my column is an insert!), I spent time with a member of our Mary Queen of Heaven family who has been away from us for some time. Today, I had lunch with now-retired Deacon John Maloney, who lives at St. Patrick Residence in Naperville. Some of you may know that Deacon John and his wife Nancy sold their home across the street a few years ago because they needed extra care for Nancy and Deacon John would never be separated from the love of his life! He lost Nancy in 2006 (and then suffered the loss of his daughter, Maureen Guttman, in a terrible freak accident involving a deer later that same year). After that, he remained at St. Patrick's Residence, the place that has become his new home.

While he has officially "retired" after 33 years as an ordained permanent deacon of the church, he remains quite active. His family, too, had a baptism last weekend. Deacon John baptized his first great-grandson last Sunday ... this was his 454th baptism! Some of you know Deacon John well and many of you, especially those who have joined the parish in recent years, do not know him at all. Since he is a part of our parish family, I wanted to tell you about him.

Deacon John Maloney was the very first deacon candidate in the Diocese of Joliet. For this reason, and because I am the first person not a priest entrusted with pastoral care of a parish in our diocese, he and I have always had a special bond. I have often heard stories about what it was like for him to be a pioneer and how things were lonely for him in ministry during the first years because he had no peers and because there was, in his own words, a "lack of knowledge" about his ministry among priests and other people at that time. This kind of goes along with the territory when you are the first one serving in a ministry that is new in the church. I know from some of the parish surveys that are coming in that some parishioners still do not know or understand my ministry (or the priest shortage, which is getting worse and is the reason that the bishop was able to appoint me to this office in the church). I know there are those who do not like it when I talk about my role because they think I am "tooting my own horn," which is never my intention. If you have ideas about how it would be best to provide needed ongoing education for parishioners, especially for those who are new, please let me know your thoughts.

Back to other things Deacon John talked about: He wants everyone to know that he would "highly encourage" men of the parish to consider the ministry of permanent deacon, a ministry that he has treasured as a gift all these many years. (He knows about Alex Grozik, who is in his first year of deacon formation.) He also wanted me to share some other thoughts with you. Deacon John says that he "devours the bulletin" each week and he loves to read how parishioners are responding to the open invitation to service. He said that it is a thrilling experience for him to read stories like the one written last week by Beth Wrobel, who came into the church through the RCIA program last year. At 85 years old, Deacon John says that he feels "restricted" now ... he cannot do things he was able to do even 5 years ago. But he still remains active in our Lord's service. Besides baptizing his great-grandson last weekend, he leads the Rosary every day at St. Patrick's, where he also considers himself a "Minister of Encouragement" for those around him.

I talked with Deacon John about some of our parishioners who I know are suffering from cancer or other illness or from great worries. I asked him to please make it part of his ministry to always pray for the people of our parish. One of the people I mentioned to him is a long-time friend of his family and he wants to telephone her to encourage her not to give up. I think that this "Ministry of Encouragement" will be life-giving for Deacon John, too. If you know someone who is sick who might like a call from Deacon John, please let me know. He is hard of hearing these days but if people speak up, he can hear them just fine. And I'll tell you that no matter how his body may be failing with age, his mind is still sharp and his generous spirit and sense of humor remain as they have always been.

Even as he prays for us, I ask that you also pray for him. This itself is "quality time" that we can spend together ... in prayer as family. May God continue to bless our own families and all our parish family at Mary Queen of Heaven.

Dr. Mary Dr. Mary Foley, Pastoral Life Coordinator

A Vocation View

As the Church year comes to a close, may the Lord Jesus 
strengthen your heart for every good work and word.  May you live 
your vocation.

Prayer  Requests
To pray for our sick is an important privilege of our parish 
family.  We hope that you will pray for these persons every day.

	Aurora Arce				Natalie Baker
	Katherine Brennan			Pam Bondfide
	Pat Caffarelli				Rose Caffarelli
	Kathy Calzante				Cosmore Ciancio
	Dennis Ciancio				Lou Ciancio
	George Cibula				Paul Cirone
	Ida Corriedo				Cynthia Catalano Family
	Rosemary Davis				Deacon Bob Delbeke
	Trudi Dolato				Baby Dobrowolski
	Virginia Feret				Kathy Filipiak
	Cecilia Garstki				Mary Goggins			
	Mary Hagerty				Anna Heffel			
	Jen Huwalt				Tom Huwalt			
	Michelle Humann				Maureen James			
	Richard Jones				Kathy Johnston			
	Irene Kmieciak				Bernadette Kohn		
	Anne Kostas				John Larkin			
	Baby Emma Lynde				Marie Mangano			
	Robert Manion				Mary Martin			
	Dennis McCabe				Mary Piszczor			
	Raymond Mitchell			Fred Moss
	Mary Sabel Oye				Geri Pstrzoch			
	Baby Faith Reid				Robert Restivo			
	Vera Rossiano				Agnes Sabel			
	Patricia Sabel				Joaquina Scroppo		
	Joan Skimina				Linda Barone Simons
	Jess Smith				Mary Spierowski	
	Rachael Thompson			John Unger	
	Richard Vanni

If you or a family member would like to be included in our 
prayers, please call the rectory at 279-5700.  Also, please let 
us know when a name should be removed.

	The CCW will be hosting a Wine and Cheese Gathering and 
Homemade Cookie Exchange in Barrett Hall on Tuesday November 13th 
at 7:30pm.  All women of the parish are invited to attend.  
Please plan on joining us for a relaxing evening of fun and 
fellowship.  It will be the perfect opportunity to catch up with 
old friends and make some new ones before the start of the busy 
holiday season.    If you would like to participate in the Cookie 
Exchange, please bring three dozen homemade cookies, copies of 
your recipe to share, and an empty tin to fill.  For more 
information contact Karen Vicary at 630-279-4108.


My Dear Friends in Christ,

       Tens of millions of Americans are struggling below the 
poverty line-struggling to better their lives and meet the 
needs of their families.  Our faith calls us to work for an 
end to injustices linked to poverty.

       The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) 
stands with poor and low-income people, helping them create 
permanent solutions to poverty in their communities.  Real, 
sustainable change is happening because of the support of 
parishioners across the country.

       CCHD's efforts are funded almost entirely through an 
annual parish Collection.  This year's Appeal will take 
place on the weekend of November 17/18.  We send 75% of the 
donations to the CCHD national office to support anti-
poverty projects across the country.  We keep 25% here in 
our diocese to fund self-help initiatives to benefit our 
local communities, such as the Azzarelli Outreach Clinic in 

       CCHD is committed to helping people find permanent 
solutions to the problem of poverty, but they cannot do it 
alone.  Please join in solidarity with the Catholic 
Campaign for Human Development to put an end to poverty in 
our nation.

       May God bless you for your generosity.
Sincerely in Christ,

Religious Education News

For more info on any of the above, please call Mary Ann Woods at 
the REO, 832-8962.

Reminder to all RE families:
There will be no class on Wednesday, November 21st due to 
the Thanksgiving holiday.
There will be no class on Wednesday, November 28th due to a 
catechist evening of reflection.

                     FELLOWSHIP SUNDAY
	On Sunday, November 18th all are invited to attend 
Fellowship which will be held in Barrett Hall immediately 
following the 10:30 a.m. Mass.  Bring your family and join your 
friends in conversation while enjoying some sweets and a cup of 
coffee, tea or juice.

               JOB WELL DONE
	Here is the final report on the writing of letters to our 
representatives in Congress.
	Our parish should be VERY proud that 333 letters were sent 
to the	offices of Rep. Peter Roskam, Senator Dick Durban and 
Senator Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. 
	Thanks to each person who took the time to write these 
letters. Our representatives in Congress must be reminded that 
we, the citizens of this country, consider helping the poor of 
our country and the world a high priority.
	Many thanks to Tom Goebel, chair of this project, for 
organizing and executing this project so successfully. 
	Several persons inquired about contacting these officials 
by e-mail. For future reference, you might want to save the 
following information when you wish to communicate with our 
politicans in Washington, DC. If you have difficulty implementing 
these directions, feel free to contact me: Milt Honel at {630} 
279-7086. I may also be able to provide phone numbers and 
addresses of local and state public officials. 
	For those of you who prefer writing a letter to these 
officials in Washington, D.C., I have included their postal 
addresses. Please be aware that letters sent by mail may be 
significantly delayed due to mail procedures implemented in the 
wake of the anthrax and ricin incidents. I have also included 
phone numbers to reach the local offices of these officials.
(by letter) Mr. Peter Roskam, U. S. House of Representatives, 
Washington, D.C. 20515  
(local office where you will have an opportunity to talk with a 
staff member about your issue) (630) 893-9670 
(by e-mail) (1) (2) scroll down to Roskam, Peter J. 
Illinois (3) click on GO (4) go to right end of red bar, click on 
CONTACT (5) follow directions to compose an e-mail. 
(by letter) Mr. Dick Durban, U. S. Senate, Washington, D. C. 
20510 (local office where you will have an opportunity to talk 
with a staff member about your issue) (312) 353-4952 
(by e-mail) (1) (2) scroll down to Durbin, Dick 
(3) Click on (4) follow directions 
to compose an e-mail
(by letter) Mr. Barack Obama, U. S. Senate, Washington, D. C. 
20510 (local office where you will have an opportunity to talk 
with a staff member about your issue) (312) 866-3506 
(by e-mail) (1) (2) scroll down to Obama, Barack 
(3) click on (4) select POSITION ON AN 
ISSUE (5) follow directions to compose an e-mail. I would suggest 
that you write out your message before you start this process. 

	Looking for money to pay off those "Christmas Gift" Bills.  
Why not take a chance on our "Christmas Holiday" Raffle.  YOU COULD 
BE A LUCKY WINNER!  All Raffle proceeds will benefit our Parish.  
	Only 250 tickets will be sold and the winners need not be 
present.  The odds of winning a Raffle Prize are great!  The Ticket 
Donation is $100.  Each ticket contains 10 slots so that the cost of 
the ticket can be divided with as many as 10 people if you choose.
1st   Prize             $10,000
2nd Prize                $2,000
3rd Prize                 $1,000
	The Drawing will take place on December 16th in Barrett Hall 
immediately following the 10:30 a.m. Mass.  Refreshments will be 
served.  Please consider helping us make this event a success so 
that we can continue to grow as a welcoming parish that provides 
ministries involving all walks of life and continued spiritual 
growth to our families and their children.  Invite your family, 
friends and co-workers to participate in the Raffle.
	Tickets will be available beginning next weekend in the 
vestibule of church or can be obtained by contacting the Parish 
Office or one of the following committee members:  Sheila Reiter 
(833-6657), Derrick StaRosa (291-9115) Phyllis Twardowski (279-6239) 
or Mary White (833-9809) 


Streamline your MQH contributions!

You have the ability to make your Sunday offertory 
contributions to Mary Queen of Heaven electronically. There 
are numerous benefits to you and to the parish, including:

1.	The funds can be deducted automatically from either 
your checking account or credit card using the service 
"Parish Pay."  Eliminate the need to hurriedly write 
checks, get envelopes, etc. just before leaving for 
Mass- this hassle is eliminated!
2.	If you are maintaining a budget for your expenditures, 
this creates a uniform, predictable stream of 
3.	Most importantly, these predictable streams of 
contributions in turn help us to more accurately 
budget revenue.
4.	By committing to the monthly amount to be deducted, it 
keeps your contributions flowing, even if you cannot 
attend Mass for whatever reason. It also is an easy 
way to acknowledge how important our parish is to you. 
5.	Recordkeeping is much easier for you- 12 monthly 
deductions of an equal amount (plus any special 
contributions) make it easy to maintain records for 
tax purposes.
6.	If you use Parish Pay and your credit card is billed, 
you will possibly earn miles or cash based on your 
card benefits.

If you would like to enroll in either of these programs, 
please contact the Parish Office.  You may also enroll in 
Parish Pay yourself by going to their website at

	The renting and use of Barrett Hall and the Social Hall 
depends upon the event.  Barrett Hall is available for things 
related to the sacraments or ministries of the church.  For 
example, in Barrett Hall we have had multiple wedding receptions, 
gatherings after funerals and memorial services, and retreats for 
religious groups.  We do not use Barrett Hall for individual 
celebrations when many children together receive a sacrament for 
the first time, although we try to have group receptions there 
when possible, nor is it used for private parties.  The Social 
Hall (in the school building), as well as classrooms at certain 
times, are available for rent for private parties or meetings of 
groups or organizations from outside the parish.  We will 
accommodate what requests we can, at times when adequate staffing 
is available.  
	All facility rentals require an application and approval.  
In addition, there is the necessary purchase of insurance through 
the Diocese of Joliet.  
	For more information about the use or rental of Barrett 
Hall for religious events, please contact the Pastoral Life 
Coordinator, Mary Foley.  For information about the use or rental 
of the Social Hall or classrooms for a private party or a meeting 
of an organization outside of the parish, please contact the 
Parish Offices Manager, Sr. Marlene Geimer.  Both can be reached 
at the parish office at (630) 279-5700.

Parish News

New Yoga Class Schedule 
	Come for one or more classes recommended for ages 15 to 75 
(however, everyone is welcome)
	Increase your flexibility, strength, and decrease your 
stress.  It is about balance, strength, and mobility.
Tuesdays 9 am to 10 am
Nov 13, 20 and 27
$4 per class ($6 for families)
	Call Debbie Styka at 941-7224/
	Please bring a non-slip yoga mat if you have one.
Required:  comfortable clothing, socks that can come off.

Please see our website at and contact 
the school office for more information and registration.              
(630) 833-9500
Preschool classes have begun.  We still have some openings in our 
Tuesday/Thursday class.  
Come join us!
	         Preschool tours scheduled upon request.

Teacher Aide Position Available
	Do you enjoy working with children, fostering their growth 
spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally?  We are 
currently accepting resumes for the teacher aide position for our 
Preschool here at MQH.  Please direct resumes to Mrs. Liz Lowrey 
at MQH Preschool 426 N. West Ave. Elmhurst, IL 60126. 

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, all articles for the 
November 25th bulletin must be submitted by Thursday, 
November 15th. Thank you for your cooperation.  

Fr. Paul Hottinger

Deacon Marty Hetzel

St. Margaret Mary Church
1450 Green Trails Drive
Naperville, IL 60540

Friday, November 16, 2007
Doors Open 6:30PM     Mass 7:30 PM

Sponsoring Prayer Group:  Evangelization and Training 
For more information, please call 
Joey Rose at 630-941-7304


December 1, 2007 (Saturday)
December 1 (Saturday) with Fr. Gilberto Cavazos-Gonzalez, 
OFM at Mayslake location from 9:30a..m.-4:30p.m., $75.  
This Spanish School of Spirituality session will fill 
quickly.  Call 630-323-1620 for reservations by 11/21/07

December 5th, 12th, and 19th, 2007 (Wednesdays)
	 This Wednesday night Advent series "THREE HOLY WOMEN" 
will reflect God's grace as we prepare for Christmas and 
meet Margaret of Cortona, Therese of Lisieux and Cornelia 
Connelly.  Fr. Albert Haase, OFM will present from 7-9p.m. 
at the Mayslake location with reservations due by 12/3/07 
to 630-323-1620.  $75 covers all three sessions.

December 15, 2007 (Saturday)
	"IN THE MIDST OF WINTER..." with Sr. Marianne Saieg, 
OSF will be presented at the Mayslake location in Westmont.  
9:30a.m.-2:30p.m. Cost is $50. Call 630-323-1620 with 
reservations by 11/30/07.

Community News


Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
6:30pm-8:00pm Good Samaritan Hospital-
Red & Black Rooms
Dr. Martha Calden will share the benefits and healing 
techniques of acupuncture.  This ancient therapy has been 
shown to help ease pain, promote health, address disease-
related symptoms, and treat the underlying causes of health 

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007
7:00pm-8:00pm Good Samaritan Hospital-
Red & Black Rooms
The blood thinner Coumidin is a powerful medication that 
has assisted many patients through medical ailments and 
medical procedures such as heart valve repair or 
replacement.  Coumidin has also helped those patients who 
have had heart attacks or experience irregular heart 
rhythms.  Patients taking Coumidin must be aware of the 
special concerns of taking this drug properly.  If you or a 
loved one is on Coumidin, join Dr. Weinstein as he reviews 
what every patient should know about this blood thinner.


	The Congregation of St. Joseph of La Grange Park is 
greatly in need of volunteers for its Adult Literacy 
Program, School on Wheels. New Volunteers are needed to 
teach one hour or so per week from 9am to 2 pm or 3 pm to 8 
pm in Cicero, Hodgkins, Lombard, Summit, Westmont and 
Woodridge. New hours of training are provided on Friday, 
November 30th, 2007 from 6 PM to 9 PM and on Saturday 
December 1st, 2007 from 9AM to 3 PM. No prior second 
language skills are needed. For more information, call 
(708) 482-5060 or (708) 482-5085

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