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08/01/2011 Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 20110731.wmv 20110731.mp3  
07/25/2011 Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 20110724.wmv 20110724.mp3  
07/18/2011 Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 20110717.wmv 20110717.mp3  
07/02/2011   20110702.wmv 20110702.mp3  
06/20/2011 Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time 20110619.wmv 20110619.mp3  
06/13/2011 Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time 20110612.wmv 20110612.mp3  
06/06/2011 The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ 20110605.wmv 20110605.mp3  
05/22/2011 Fifth Sunday of Easter 20110522.wmv 20110522.mp3  
05/15/2011 Fourth Sunday of Easter 20110515.wmv 20110515.mp3  
05/08/2011 Third Sunday of Easter 20110508.wmv 20110508.mp3  
04/17/2011 Palm Sunday 20110417.wmv 20110417.mp3  
04/10/2011 Fifth Sunday of Lent 20110410.wmv 20110410.mp3  
03/27/2011 Third Sunday of Lent 20110327.wmv 20110327.mp3  
03/20/2011 Second Sunday of Lent 20110320.wmv 20110320.mp3  
03/13/2011 First Sunday of Lent 20110313.wmv 20110313.mp3  
03/06/2011 Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time 20110306.wmv 20110306.mp3  
02/27/2011 Eight Sunday in Ordinary Time 20110227.wmv 20110227.mp3  
02/20/2011 Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time 20110220.wmv 20110220.mp3  
02/13/2011 Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time 20110213.wmv 20110213.mp3  
01/30/2011 Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 20110130.wmv 20110130.mp3  
01/23/2011 Third Sunday in Ordinary Time 20110123.wmv 20110123.mp3  
01/16/2011 The Epiphany of the Lord 20110116.wmv 20110116.mp3
01/09/2011 The Baptism of the Lord 20110109.wmv 20110109.mp3  

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