Mary Queen of Heaven RCIA - Right of Christian Initation of Adults
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RCIA - Right of Christian Initiation of
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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is an
experience that the Church provides to
help people enter into a relationship with
God and the Catholic community. The
person is exposed to the faith through
prayer, sharing of faith experiences,
study and various rites celebrated at
Mass so the gathered community is able
to provide support and prayers.

There are various stages that an
individual experiences on this journey to
God. Initially, the person enters the
INQUIRY stage. Here the person begins
to understand the call of God to enter
into a deeper relationship. Initial
questions are addressed to the RCIA
team and the person begins to develop a
sense of belonging to a community of

Once the individual identifies his/her
desire to become Catholic, he/she will
experience various rites celebrated at
Mass. The Rite of Acceptance is
celebrated for those who have yet to be
baptized; they are known as
CATECHUMENS. These individuals will
become fully initiated into the faith
through Baptism, Confirmation and

The Rite of Welcome is celebrated for
those who have already been baptized in
a Christian faith, but seek to come into
full communion as Catholics; these
individuals are known as CANDIDATES.
They will be fully initiated into the
Catholic faith through a public profession
of faith, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist.

There are times when someone is
Baptized Catholic, but never received
religious training or never completed all
three sacraments of initiation. These
individuals also become part of the RCIA
experience. They, too, are known as
CANDIDATES as they seek to complete
their initiation into the Church through
the Sacraments of Confirmation and
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