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Running a parish is hard work.  On any given day you will find Father Jason saying Mass, attending
to the sick, planning for physical plant updates in the school, writing next week’s sermon, etc. 
Thankfully Father Jason does not have to run the parish on his own.  He has a top notch staff,
great (but never enough) volunteers to lead the ministries and help out at the various activities,
the Finance Committee and the Parish Pastoral Council.  Who is on the Parish Pastoral Council and
what do they do you ask?  Read on for more.

The Mary Queen of Heaven Parish Pastoral Council (we’ll call them the PPC for short), in
collaboration with Father Jason and the parish staff, assumes responsibility for the parish’s total
well-being.  The primary work of the PPC, according to the Diocese, is “strategic pastoral planning
and proposing practical solutions to the ongoing life of the parish.”  So, what does that really
mean?  The PPC works closely with Father Jason, the parish staff and the ministries to insure that
the needs of the parishioners are being met.  The PPC is active, and an advisor to Father Jason, in
planning, recommending direction and priorities for the parish.  The PPC is staffed with parishioners,
like you, who work extra hard to keep their ears to the ground to sense how the parish and
parishioners are doing.  Parish Pastoral Council meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month
at 7:00 p.m.  You can e-mail the Parish Council at

The PPC has 7 members who meet with Father Jason monthly.  The PPC members are:
Amy DeCillo - Amy is new to the PPC. 
Terry Harrell - Terry is in his third year on the PPC. 
Gregg Olalde - Gregg is in his second year on the PPC.  Gregg is the PPC president.
Gib Olander - Gib is in his third year on the PPC. 
Manny Pena - Manny is in his second year on the PPC. 
Tom Trenta - Tom is new to the PPC. 
Joan Vilim - Joan is new to the PPC.