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All Catholics are called to ministry. Some are called to ordained ministry as bishops, priests, and deacons for our church. Some women and are called to religious life as sisters or brothers in religious communities. Some other lay persons are called to full-time ministry in the church as lay ecclesial ministers. Anyone seeking more information about any of these religious vocations should call the Parish Office at (630) 279-5700 for more information.

All Catholics by virtue of their baptism are called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The primary ministry of most of the laity is in the world, helping to transform family life, life in the workplace, and society in general, bringing to all these the life of Christ. The laity work in the world to build up the kingdom of God, in which the achievement of peace, justice, and above all the manifestation of Godís love are the primary goals. Lay persons support the important work and ministry of the church through their financial contributions. Many lay people also volunteer their time and talent by serving in different parish ministries or committees.


There are many opportunities for parishioners to share their time, talent, and treasure with the church. On the Commissions page of this parish website, you will find links to the various commissions the many ministries they represent. Our parish would not be as lively and active as it is without the involvement of many lay people. For those unable to make the commitment of regularly scheduled meetings or ongoing committee work, there are also often opportunities to help the parish with special projects that need to be done, even on a one-time basis. Please call the Mimi Nolan (Pastoral Associate) at (630) 279-5700  for more information. If you would like to make financial contributions to the parish, please go to Parish Pay.
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